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Charms Blow Pop Creepy Treats 55 ct. Bag
Charms Blow Pop Creepy Treats 55 ct. Bag
Charms Blow Pop Creepy Treats 55 ct. Bag

Get ready for spooky season with Charms Blow Pop Creepy Treats, now in a 55-count bag.

This Halloween-themed collection features the classic Charms Blow Pop lollipops with a creepy twist. Each pop offers a hard candy shell on the outside with a soft, chewy bubble gum center, making them a two-in-one treat that's both scary and sweet. The 55-count bag is perfect for trick-or-treaters, Halloween parties, or simply enjoying a festive treat during the fall season.

Key Features:
  • Halloween-themed designs for a spooky treat experience
  • 55-count bag ensures you're ready for trick-or-treaters or parties
  • Classic hard candy shell with a bubble gum center for a two-in-one treat
  • Ideal for Halloween festivities or as a seasonal snack
  • Made with quality ingredients for a deliciously creepy candy experience

Embrace the Halloween spirit with Charms Blow Pop Creepy Treats from Candy Retailer. Enjoy our fast, nationwide shipping, ensuring most orders arrive within 2-3 days!

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