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Dried Apples

Average Price : $9.29

Dried Apricots

Average Price : $9.26

Dried Bananas

Average Price : $5.06

Dried Blueberries

Average Price : $12.24

Dried Cantaloupe

Average Price : $8.49

Dried Cherries

Average Price : $10.54

Dried Coconut

Average Price : $6.49

Dried Cranberries

Average Price : $6.92

Dried Dates

Average Price : $8.47

Dried Ginger

Average Price : $7.09

Dried Guava

Average Price : $12.99

Dried Kiwi

Average Price : $10.09

Dried Mango

Average Price : $8.52

Dried Mixed Fruit

Average Price : $8.97

Dried Nectarines

Average Price : $9.99

Dried Oranges

Average Price : $12.66

Dried Papaya

Average Price : $6.01

Dried Peaches

Average Price : $9.84

Dried Pears

Average Price : $9.84

Dried Pineapple

Average Price : $6.54

Dried Plums

Average Price : $9.99

Dried Raisins

Average Price : $5.47

Dried Strawberries

Average Price : $20.49

Dried Tomatoes

Average Price : $7.89

Dried Fruit

At Candy Retailer, we understand that sometimes you need a healthier alternative to the sweet sugary goodness of candy. That's why we sell a wide range of delicious gourmet dried fruits! Indeed, in our Dried Fruit section, you'll find apricots, bananas, dates, coconut, and even hard-to-find dried delicacies like cantaloupe!

Moreover, our dried fruits are masterly prepared by a local gourmet confectionery. So, you will be hard-pressed to find better freshness, flavors, or quality, anywhere else. That's not to mention our superior online pricing! Indeed, Candy Retailer sells dried fruit online in bulk quantities at close to wholesale prices!

Therefore, if you've been looking to save money on deliciously fresh dried fruit, look no further. Since we sell our dried fruit by the pound, you'll have plenty to cook with, snack on, or use to enhance your favorite recipes!

On top of that, our dried fruit selection is second to none. To start with, we have all of the most popular types of dried fruit including dried bananas, dried apricots, dried dates, dried papaya, dried pineapple, and dried strawberries. These delicious dried fruits are an amazing topping for ice cream, yogurt, desserts, and so much more!

Then, we offer a range of hard-to-find dried fruits including dried cantaloupe, dried kiwi, dried guava, dried mango, dried oranges, dried peaches, dried pears, and dried coconut! These exotic dried fruits are an amazing way to spruce up your favorite home-cooked dishes, make sack lunches exciting, craft an epic trail mix, or simply keep your cravings at bay throughout the day in the healthiest possible way!

That's not all; at Candy Retailer, we also leave room for real-life user ratings and comments. That way, you can rest assured that you're making a quality purchase at a reputable online retailer. Next, we ship dried fruit orders directly to your preferred address! This allows you to skip the hassle of trying to find your favorite dried fruits at the grocery store.

With our top-rated customer service and freshness guarantee, you can't go wrong ordering your favorite delicious dried fruits right here at CandyRetailer.Com! Place your online dried fruit orders today and experience the superiority, savings, and sweet satisfaction personally!