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Cheez It Original 3oz Bags 6 Pack
Cheez It Original 3oz Bags 6 Pack
Cheez It Original 3oz Bags 6 Pack

There’s nothing better than Original Cheez-It crackers, now conveniently packaged for easy enjoyment. These crackers, known for their authentic cheese flavor and quality, are a go-to snack for various occasions. Ideal for game nights, as a quick snack at work, or as a tasty addition to school lunches, Cheez-It Original offers a universally pleasing taste that everyone loves.

Key Features:
  • Allergen Information: Contains Wheat, Soy, Milk
  • Specialty: Free from Artificial Flavors, Kosher certified
  • Package Contents: Includes 6 bags, each containing 3 ounces of Cheez-It Original crackers
  • Perfect for game time, school lunches, work breaks, late-night snacking, and more
  • Real Cheese Flavor: Made with the taste of 100% real cheese and a hint of salt
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for convenience stores, recreation centers, lodging, hospitals, transportation, businesses, colleges, military, caterers, and more
  • Placement Recommendation: Best stored in the cracker and salty snack aisle near hot and cold beverages

Enjoy the timeless pleasure of Original Cheez-Its. These crackers aren’t just a snack but a versatile option for any snacking scenario. They cater to all tastes, making them perfect for individual enjoyment or sharing with friends and family!

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