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Assorted Candy Colors

Average Price : $10.63

Black Candy

Average Price : $8.89

Blue Candy

Average Price : $11.37

Brown Candy

Average Price : $15.41

Gold Candy

Average Price : $14.78

Green Candy

Average Price : $9.72

Orange Candy

Average Price : $12.86

Pink Candy

Average Price : $11.23

Purple Candy

Average Price : $13.59

Red Candy

Average Price : $10.92

Silver Candy

Average Price : $11.89

Speckled Candy

Average Price : $6.49

White Candy

Average Price : $11.64

Yellow Candy

Average Price : $9.39

Candy By Color

Are you preparing a beautiful candy arrangement? Have you been having a hard time finding candy organized in an aesthetically appealing way? If so, our Candy By Color section is the place for you! We’ve solved your candy coloration dilemma by organizing all of your favorite flavors and brands of candy in a convenient and simplified way!

Here, you can find a wide range of sweet treats, culinary delights, and deliciously sugary confections, all organized by color! That's right, in our Candy By Color section, these scrumptious sugary sweets are organized by their appearance! Therefore, tasting the rainbow has never been easier!

In fact, once you know which colors of candy that you need, you can browse through a range of delicious delicacies in many flavors and styles. This includes jelly beans, gum, chocolate, taffy, and more. So, no matter what type of colorful candy you crave, there’s something to meet every need!

For example, If you need pink candy, head over to our pink candy selection and find strawberry AirHeads, Big League Chew, Bubble Yum, pink bubble gum cigars, and more! Alternatively, in our brown candy section, you can find unsweetened Carob Drops, Albanese triple dipped malted milk balls, Doscher's French mini chews, Dad's root beer barrels, and 5th Avenue bars! We also offer red candy, yellow candy, white candy, black candy, blue candy, green candy, and assorted candy color sections!

Indeed, this is the perfect selection of candy for teachers, event organizers, party planners, businesses, designers, and artists to browse. Our handy Candy by Color section lets you effortlessly arrange stunning candy baskets for holidays, weddings, birthdays, and an array of other events! Or, you can simply stock up on your favorite candy colors and flavors to have on hand for cooking and crafting applications! No matter what you plan to use this colorful candy for, Candy Retailer has you covered.

Additionally, when you buy your colorful candy in bulk, you can save tons of money! We sell our candy in both one-pound quantities or bulk boxes. You can choose from 18-count, 24-count, and 36-count chocolate bar boxes. We even offer our fresh candy at close to wholesale prices. So, skip the trip and hassle of finding confectionary colors at the grocery store and shop for your Candy By Color right here! On top of everything, CandyRetailer.Com has transparent real-life user reviews and offers fast direct nationwide shipping. As such, shopping for Candy By Color has never been easier!