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Asian Candy

Average Price : $10.72

Blow Pops

Average Price : $11.46

Bubble Gum

Average Price : $13.10

Bulk Candy

Average Price : $8.16

Candy Bars

Average Price : $27.16

Candy Bars King Size

Average Price : $38.10

Candy Corn

Average Price : $6.81

Candy Sticks

Average Price : $9.49

Candy Straws

Average Price : $6.99

Candy Toys

Average Price : $16.22

Chewing Gum

Average Price : $17.40

Chewy Candy

Average Price : $10.63

Crushed Candy Bits

Average Price : $5.92


Average Price : $8.33

Gummi Candy

Average Price : $7.39

Hard Candy

Average Price : $8.00

Hispanic Candy

Average Price : $5.16

Insect Candy

Average Price : $3.43

Jelly Beans

Average Price : $9.08

Licorice Candy

Average Price : $9.66

Liquid Candy

Average Price : $18.33


Average Price : $13.68

Marshmallow Candy

Average Price : $10.79


Average Price : $14.18

Nostalgic Candy

Average Price : $10.56

Novelty Candy

Average Price : $13.68

Peg Bag Candy

Average Price : $4.93

Penny Candy

Average Price : $6.68

Powder Candy

Average Price : $24.47

Rock Candy

Average Price : $29.92

Salt Water Taffy

Average Price : $6.87

Spicy Candy

Average Price : $9.95

Sugar Free Candy

Average Price : $14.82

Taffy Candy

Average Price : $12.70

Theater Box Candy

Average Price : $4.28

Wax Candy

Average Price : $20.97

Candy By Type

Everyone loves fresh, sweet, delicious, and flavorful candy! With candy being so popular around the world, these sweet treats come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you love chocolates, candy bars, bubble gum, or lollipops, there's a type of candy for everyone to crave!

No matter what type of candy gets your mouth watering, CandyRetailer.Com most likely has something for you. In our Candy By Type sections, you can effortlessly browse a wide range of deliciously fresh gourmet and name-brand candies organized by type! From sprinkles and toppings to chewy gummies, we've got something for everyone to love.

For instance, in our Candy By Type candy bar section, you can find Almond Joy, 5th Avenue bars, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Chunky, Reese’s, Hershey's, M&M's, Milky Way, and so much more. These candy bars are sold in a range of bulk sizes in 18, 24, and 36-count quantities! Or, if you're a fan of chewy treats, check out our Taffy section! Here, you'll find Albert's Jungle Jollies, Doscher's French Chews, Airheads, and the list goes on.

Or, maybe you're in the mood for taking a sweet little trip down memory lane. If so, check out our Nostalgic Candy section! Here, you'll find Albanese Chocolate Triple Dipped Malted Milk Balls, Astro Pops, Wacky Wafers, and Tart n Tinys! Other Candy By Type sections include Asian Candy, Bubble Gum, Bulk Candy, Candy Bars By Size, Carob, Chewing Gum, Chewy Candy, Gumballs, Gummy Candy, Hard Candy, Jelly Beans, Lollipops, Mints, Novelty Candy, Sugar-Free Candy, Sprinkles, Toppings, and Taffy!

Really, no matter what type of candy you're in the mood for, Candy Retailer has you covered. In addition to this, Candy Retailer is the perfect place for those looking to put together beautiful gift baskets, celebrate the holidays, or add a sweet touch to an upcoming event, all while saving money. We also offer candy assortments for fundraisers, school events, and more!

On top of that, Candy Retailer offers full transparency. We display real-life customer reviews and ratings right under our products! That way, you can make your candy purchases confidently. We also have great customer service and will ship your orders as quickly as possible so that everything arrives fresh and ready to eat! With close to wholesale online candy prices, you'd be hard-pressed to find your favorite types of candy anywhere else!