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Dixie Chili

Dixie Chili takes Cincinnati flavors seriously! Enjoy pure Cincinnati-style chili taste with a unique twist! Featuring a striking mix of ground beef, cheese flavors, and rich seasonings, Dixie has truly mastered the art of this fan-favorite, hometown chili recipe.

Dixie Chili is made with 100% Semolina wheat pasta. Added with a perfect blend of Wisconsin cheddar cheese and Bermuda onions, this brand is truly unique in every sense of the word. Fresh, spicy, meaty, and undeniable, Dixie Chili knows what it takes to create flavors that you’ll crave time and time again!

True chili aficionados know, the best Cincinnati-style chili is always made with the oldest recipes. Therefore, if authentic chili flavor is what you desire, then Dixie Chili is the brand to go with! Just like Mom's homemade recipes, Dixie Chili can be served with a range of foods! Add Dixie Chili to your hot dogs, make Cincinnati-style chili, enhance burgers, or eat it plain.

No matter how you enjoy Dixie Chili, you're sure to get a taste of authentic hometown Cincinnati flavor! Indeed, this unique Cincy specialty can’t be duplicated! Now, you can order your favorite Dixie Chili right here in bulk. Best of all, we deliver nationwide, regardless of where you live in the USA!