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Serving smiles since 1954, LaRosa’s continues to be Cincinnati’s #1 neighborhood family pizzeria in the city! With a reputation that’s just as good as the food they serve, this is one pizza joint you don’t want to pass on if you’re in town!

Unfortunately, not everyone can visit the Nati. With this in mind, LaRosa’s decided to make their famous signature sauce available for everyone in America to enjoy; regardless of where you live in the United States! Nowadays, LaRosa’s Pizza Sauce is loved by million nationwide! Sadly, this brand is only available in a selected few supermarkets around the country, so it’s not always an easy find; until now that is!

That’s right, as a native Cincinnati-based retailer, we’re proud to present to you our vast selection of LaRosa’s Sauces! Currently, we carry Family Recipe Original Pasta Sauce, Family Recipe Pizza Sauce, and their signature Sweet and Spicy Diablo Sauce! Plus, we have several jar sizes available as well.