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Worthmore Turtle Mock Soup is one of the most underrated soup flavors on the market today. In fact, most folks have never even heard of turtle mock before, but here we are today! So if you’re reading this description now, then here’s your chance to try something new, hearty, and delicious!

First and foremost, this soup is NOT made with turtle meat. We get a lot of questions about this soup and it’s always the same, “does this have turtle meat in it?” The answer is no. Worthmore uses 100% beef heart meat in its turtle mock soup!

Now we know that a lot of people might steer clear once learning that Worthmore uses beef heart in its soup, we totally understand. However, keep in mind that beef heart is super rich in iron, zinc, selenium, and folate. Plus, it provides a great source of vitamins such as B2, B6, & B12.

Furthermore, B vitamins that derive from beef organ meat have a cardioprotective effect; meaning they help protect you against heart disease! Besides that, this soup, which is more like chili in our opinion, is so good, you won’t even care that it's made with beef heart, but why should you, right? It’s healthy and delicious!