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Dried Cherries

The bold, rich, dark, fruity taste of cherries is one of the highlights of summer. If you are a fan of cherry pie or the fresh fruit itself, you are likely to appreciate dried cherries. When the fresh variety is out of season, you can reach for the dried variety to satisfy your cravings. The drying process thickens cherries' skin and makes them more durable for long-term storage. You can keep the dried fruit stored for longer periods in your home. They also hold up well as a snack on a long warm-weather hike.

Like other brightly-colored fruits and vegetables, cherries are rich in beta carotene. When you consume beta carotene, it converts into the powerful antioxidant Vitamin A. Improving night vision and possibly preventing cataracts are among the numerous functions Vitamin A performs in the body.

Although cherries are nutritious, people who have certain dietary needs should exercise caution when eating dried cherries. Removing the moisture from cherries leaves the other nutritional components in a more concentrated form. Sugar and carbs are more concentrated in dried fruit. People who have diabetes should exercise caution and size portions accordingly. Cherries are rich in fiber; however, they are not necessarily filling. Therefore, everyone should be mindful of their consumption. Despite those cautionary notes, most people can eat dried cherries in moderation as a healthier snack.

Dried cherries will satisfy your sweet tooth naturally without added sugar. Mixing them with nuts, unsweetened granola, and other fruits can boost their nutritional performance. Whether you plan to make trail mix or add to baked goods, we have high-quality cherries for you. Visit our dried fruit selection, and find an extensive selection of bulk dried fruit.