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Dried Ginger

Perhaps one of the most versatile foods is ginger. Some classify the pungent, spicy plant root as a vegetable. Others classify ginger as an herb. People from around the world agree that ginger has a place in sweet and savory recipes. The sweet, floral, peppery flavor of ginger complements meats, fish, vegetables, grains, and desserts. Dried ginger can be added to beverages and eaten as a snack.

Since ancient times, people have long recognized the powerful health benefits of ginger. Gingerol, the main bioactive compound in ginger delivers most of its medicinal properties. Dried ginger may be consumed to ease nausea and alleviate digestive upset. Ginger also fights colds and flu. The spicy root may positively affect insulin levels to facilitate weight loss. Ginger's anti-inflammatory and calorie burn-boosting properties also aid weight loss. People who have osteoarthritis may experience less pain and swelling when they regularly consume large amounts of ginger.

Scientists believe ginger may enhance brain function and help protect against Alzheimer's disease. Studies indicate consuming ginger may improve reaction time and working memory. Gingerol's anti-inflammatory properties may inhibit inflammatory responses in the brain.

There are several ways you can add dried ginger to your diet. If you have a sweet tooth, crystallized ginger is a delicious sweet, spicy treat. Many Asian cuisines incorporate ginger into curries and sauces. You can begin or end each day with a relaxing cup of ginger tea.

We have dried ginger available in bulk. Our ginger comes from reputable suppliers. You can add our ginger to recipes or have some of our crystal ginger daily as a snack. However you like your ginger, you can always expect quality and freshness from us.