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Dried Oranges

The sweet, sunny flavor of oranges can brighten up any recipe. Dried oranges have an even bolder, more concentrated flavor than fresh oranges. Drying oranges is also practical. Dried fruit is shelf-stable and doesn't rot or mold as quickly as fresh fruit. You can pack dried fruit and take it on the go without having to slice and pack bulky whole fruit.

Dried oranges have numerous health benefits. Both the pulp and the peel are edible. Consuming the pulp and the peel delivers 100 percent of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin C. They also supply 10 percent of the recommended intake of fiber, which improves gut health. Oranges have an abundance of antioxidant phenolic compounds. Hesperidin, one of the main antioxidants in oranges, has anti-inflammatory and blood pressure-lowering properties. Diets that include an abundance of citrus fruits are believed to lower the risk of developing diabetes and certain cancers.

The versatility of dried oranges lends them to many different culinary applications. Garnish drinks with a slice of bright, fragrant orange. You can grind dried sliced oranges or just peel and add them to flavor soups and sauces. Glazed orange slices are a perfect sweet treat when your sweet tooth strikes. You can conveniently reach for dehydrated orange slices when you want to add flavor to water.

We have sliced dried oranges, dried peels, and glazed oranges available in bulk quantities. Browse our selection, where you'll find the right dried fruit for snacks and recipes. Our orange slices come from top suppliers. Therefore, you can always expect freshness and the best quality.