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Dried Pineapple

One of the most popular tropical fruits, pineapple has a vibrant, sweet, tangy, sunny flavor. Sometimes, fresh, ripe pineapple can be difficult to source in non-tropical climates. However, slicing the spiky skin off of fresh pineapple can also be somewhat of a chore.

Dried pineapple delivers the bright, enjoyable fruity taste and the numerous health benefits of eating pineapple. As an added advantage, the dried fruit eliminates the task of prepping before eating. The dried fruit also has a much longer shelf life than the fresh variety.

Pineapple is loaded with disease-fighting, protective antioxidants. The brightly-colored fruit fights inflammation and strengthens the heart and immune system. Dried pineapple may also help prevent certain types of cancer.

A popular topic of debate is whether pineapple belongs on pizza. In many tropical countries, the fruit is served alongside meat and poultry. The digestive enzyme bromelain breaks down protein, helping the body process meats more easily. Therefore, having pineapple with a protein dish can help support digestion.

In addition to helping to break down meats, bromelain may protect against cancer by minimizing oxidative stress. Studies suggest the enzyme may support the effectiveness of treatment drugs in skin, bile duct, and colorectal cancer cases.

There are several ways you can incorporate dried pineapple into your diet. Sprinkle pineapple tidbits onto your oatmeal to add a tropical punch. You can also enjoy it right out of the bag. We carry pineapple in different forms, including diced, tidbits, rings, fancy pieces, and regular chunks. Our No Sugar pineapple is a healthier treat for diabetics and people who wish to avoid added sugar. Browse our selection, and find your favorite dried fruits.