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Brazil Nuts

Large tree nuts native to Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru, Brazil nuts have a smooth, buttery texture. These nuts can be enjoyed raw or roasted. Not only are they packed with protein and other nutrients, but they are an especially significant source of selenium. Just one of these nuts delivers an average of 145 percent of the recommended daily intake for selenium. Therefore, limiting your daily intake to no more than three of these nuts is advisable.

Several body systems benefit from selenium intake. Higher levels of the mineral enhance immune function. It is believed that selenium positively influences outcomes for cancer, heart disease, mood disorders, pregnancy, and infertility.

There are several ways to incorporate Brazil nuts into your diet. Roast raw nuts on the stove or in the oven to enhance flavor and crunch. Add them to your favorite baked recipes like cookies, brownies, and cakes. Add flavor and texture to pasta dishes by adding them to sauces. Create vegan nut milk and nut cheese as an alternative to traditional dairy products.

Cracking raw Brazil nuts can be difficult due to their thick shell. People sometimes heat or freeze the shelled nuts to make cracking easier. Soaking in water may also soften the shell for easier cracking. We offer them pre-shelled with the nutmeat intact.

Whether you are trying new healthy foods or if you are already a fan, we have Brazil nuts for you. Their versatility makes the options for consuming the buttery tropical nuts seemingly limitless. You can always expect our nut snacks to be fresh and of high quality. They make a perfect addition to your recipes. You may also be tempted to enjoy them straight from the bag.