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Macadamia Nuts

Despite originating in Australia, macadamia nuts are widely viewed as a Hawaiian product. The geographical association occurred after the University of Hawaii conducted much of the early research, breeding, and quality development. Today, many regions produce the nuts, including Southeast Asia, South America, and Australia.

Similar to other tree nuts, macadamia nuts are seeds. They are encased by a very hard shell that is considered the hardest nutshell to crack. In nature, strong-billed parrots and macaws are the only animals that are known to be able to crack the shell. Macadamias have a smooth, sweet, buttery taste and crunchy exterior that melts to a soft texture. Roasting the nuts enhances the sweetness while adding a stronger crunch. Macadamias are known as commodity nuts, and their price tag often reflects their status.

The health benefits make macadamias a favorable snack for those who are especially health-conscious. High levels of monounsaturated fat reduce the risk of heart disease and type-2 diabetes. Their fiber and protein content reduces hunger and may boost weight loss efforts. Fiber also supports gut health. Other potential health benefits include possible anti-cancer properties, boosting brain health, and improving overall longevity.

Macadamia nuts are a decadent snack on their own. They have a smooth, palatable flavor whether raw or roasted. If you have a sweet tooth, they are especially decadent when coated with chocolate. They are also a popular ingredient in cookies. When incorporated into toppings for salads, rice, and fish dishes, they add an enjoyable crunch.

We offer roasted salted and unsalted varieties. Try using macadamia nuts in recipes, or enjoy them straight from the bag. Our nut snacks always come from reputable suppliers. Therefore, you can trust your purchases will be fresh and of high quality.