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Native to the Southeastern U.S. and Northern Mexico, pecan trees are a variety of hickory tree. Historically, pecans have frequently made appearances in Southern recipes. These delicious nuts can top fish, poultry, and salads. They are often used in ice cream, in pies, and are the star ingredient in praline.

The distinct, pleasant flavor of pecans makes them surprisingly versatile. They are often described as very buttery, and nutty with a foresty aroma. Raw pecans are enjoyable on their own. They also stand out among other ingredients in snack mixes. Roasting intensifies the buttery flavor. The decadent buttery flavor gives pecan desserts an extra indulgent quality.

In addition to being flavorful, pecans are also highly nutritious. They are rich in protein, healthy fats, and fiber. Omega-3 fats may help ease pain by reducing inflammation. Magnesium, Vitamin E, Calcium, and Zinc are among the minerals that support various body systems. They have a low glycemic index, which makes them a favorable snack choice for diabetics.

We have several varieties of pecan snacks. Our raw and organic nuts have a pure, unadulterated nutty flavor without roasting, salt, or other seasonings. The Honey Baked variety is a healthier snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth. If you're craving a decadent nutty chocolate treat, try our milk chocolate or dark chocolate-covered pecan clusters. We offer pecan-based granola and trail mixes that are perfect with milk for breakfast or on their own anytime.

If you are new to pecans, visit our selection, and allow us to introduce you to your new favorite nut. If you are a longtime fan, you'll find your favorite raw, roasted, seasoned, and unseasoned nuts. Our products are always fresh, whether you are looking for a trail mix or individual bulk nuts.