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Believed to originate in Iran, pistachios are related to cashews. With a smooth texture and slightly sweet flavor, the small, green nuts are common in many dishes. They often appear as an ice cream flavor, in chicken dishes, and in salads. They can be consumed raw or roasted and seasoned.

Pistachios are full of nutrients. They have a higher Vitamin B6 content than most foods. Vitamin B6 supports blood sugar regulation and hemoglobin, which delivers oxygen to red blood cells. One ounce of the nuts has potassium content that is similar to that of one-half of a banana. Their low calorie and high protein content make them an appropriate snack for dieters. They are also high in antioxidants that may lower cholesterol and high blood pressure.

We carry several pistachio flavor variations. To appreciate the rich taste enhanced by roasting, try the roasted and salted variety. We also have them with zesty seasonings. Chili Limon appeals to those who like their snacks hot and spicy. Jalapeno has an exotic peppery flavor with a subtle heat factor. The Salt and Pepper variety has a simple peppery flavor. The Garlic and Onion flavor is pungent and savory. The Chipotle BBQ flavor has a smoky quality that those who love barbecue will appreciate.

We have a broad selection of nut varieties. Enjoy them on your own, or add your own seasonings. You can even purchase them along with other bulk nuts and dried fruits to create custom snack mixes. If you're looking for inspiration for your own snack mix recipes, try our pistachio nut blends. Whatever type of pistachios you're looking for, we have what you need.