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Sunflower Seeds

A nutritious snack that is often associated with baseball season, sunflower seeds can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. The tiny seeds are available shelled or unshelled. We have a very diverse selection of these versatile seeds that come from the sunflower plant.

Sunflower seeds have an outer shell casing and an inner kernel. The sunflower kernel is the edible portion. The seed kernels have a mild, nutty flavor and a tender texture. When eaten raw, the kernels have more of a plant-like taste. The entire seed is typically roasted and seasoned. After roasting, the kernel takes on a nutty flavor along with the flavor of the additional seasoning. Therefore, the seeds can take on the flavor of virtually any seasoning you'd like to add.

We carry many of the flavor varieties produced by the popular sunflower seed brand David. Their Original flavor best captures the pure, nutty taste of the roasted and salted seed kernels. Jalapeno Hot Salsa and Spicy Queso are spicy varieties for those who enjoy the flavors of Mexican cuisine.

Dill Pickle is a unique, briny flavor that will transport you back to childhood. Buffalo Style Ranch will appeal to those who love hot wings. For those who enjoy contrasting flavor combinations, we carry the Sweet & Spicy and the Sweet & Salty varieties. David's truly has a flavor variety for everyone who enjoys seed snacks.

Explore our numerous sunflower seed varieties, and find the right one for you. We have simple, classic flavors in addition to bold, unique flavor combinations. We carry the most popular nut snack brands you have come to know and trust over the years.