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Unsalted Nuts

The healthiest way to enjoy nuts is without salt. We have several varieties of unsalted nuts for DIY snack mixes or to enjoy on their own.

In the grand scheme of the snack world, sunflower seeds are typically categorized as nuts. These seeds come from sunflower plants and may be eaten raw or roasted. An inedible shell encases the edible sunflower seed kernel.

Including sunflower seeds in your diet reduces the risk of developing heart disease. The seeds have high Vitamin E content, which may reduce inflammation. Sunflower seeds are a significant source of zinc and selenium, minerals that boost immunity. We have two varieties of roasted, unsalted sunflower seeds and unsalted shelled sunflower seed kernels.

Pumpkin seeds are a fall favorite, though they may be eaten any time of year. Like other unsalted nuts and seeds, pumpkin seeds are consumable in their raw state or after roasting. These seeds also consist of an outer shell and an inner kernel that is often referred to as the pepita.

However, the outer shell of the pumpkin seed is also edible. In addition to having a delicious nutty flavor, pumpkin seeds have numerous health benefits. Including these seeds in your diet may improve mood and sleep due to their high magnesium content. They support the gastrointestinal system due to their fiber content. Pumpkin seeds may also eliminate parasites in humans and pets. We have unsalted pumpkin seeds available for your snacking and culinary needs.

Soy nuts are actually dried soybeans. These small beans have an irresistible crunch and are remarkably healthy. Soy nuts may have phytoestrogens, which may ease menopause symptoms. They can also lower cholesterol and may help weight loss.

If you're watching your sodium intake, you'll find plenty of options in our unsalted nuts section. We have healthy, protein-packed nuts for every occasion.