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Walnuts grow throughout the U.S. and Southern Canada. The two most common species are the Black and English varieties. These tree nuts have a light, sweet, earthy flavor. They have a thin skin that delivers notes of bitterness.

Despite their complex flavor, walnuts blend seamlessly into a variety of recipes. Banana nut muffins, pilaf, ice cream, and salads are a few foods that commonly have walnuts in their ingredients list.

In addition to their standout taste, walnuts have an impressive list of health benefits. They have the highest levels of omega-3 fats among all nuts. Polyphenols combat oxidative stress and reduce inflammation.

Magnesium and the amino acid arginine also decrease inflammation. Urolinthins have hormone-like properties that may decrease the risk of developing hormone-related cancers. Consuming them may also have an effect on the brain that may help curb your appetite for unhealthy foods. In addition to appetite control, they may also support brain function and healthy aging.

We have treated and organic walnuts. Steam-treated walnuts eliminate potential salmonella contamination on the nuts' surface. We also offer combo-treated nuts, which are pasteurized with steam and vacuum. We aim to always bring you the freshest, safest nut snacks.

Visit our selection of walnuts. We have organic and treated varieties you can add to all your favorite recipes. If you love the sweet, complex taste of these tree nuts, you can enjoy them straight from the bag.