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Bacon Jerky

People have been enjoying bacon for hundreds of years. In North America, Europeans prepared the seasoned pork meat strips for breakfast. For many years, bacon remained known as a breakfast staple. Bacon declined in popularity in the 1980s and 1990s as consumers became more health-conscious. In recent years, the popularity of bacon boomed with a plethora of bacon-flavored products becoming available. Now with an increased focus on protein-rich diets, bacon jerky has become a product of interest.

Jack Links Bacon Jerky is made of thick-cut slices of 100% pork slow-cooked over hickory. Each serving contains 11 grams of protein, making the bacon snack a good choice for high-protein dieters. You'll enjoy a bacon snack that is made from premium ingredients and is free of transfats. A mix of sweet and savory spices brings out the heartiness of the bacon flavor.

Whether busy at work, hunting, or finishing a workout at the gym, Jack Link's jerky can travel with you. A resealable bag makes it easy to have the taste of bacon wherever you go. The Jack Link's name means you can expect bold, rich flavors and the perfect chewy texture. Jack Link's remains a family-owned and operated producer of meat snacks. With recipes dating back more than 100 years, each meat snack variety is seasoned with tried and true flavors.

Check out our extensive selection of meat snacks, including Jack Link's Bacon Jerky. Our classic meat snacks will give you a taste of nostalgia. We have assorted jerky products that are perfect for snacking. Whether you are a keto dieter, or if you simply love meat, you'll find what you need. We carry snacks from the leading brands in a variety of flavors.