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Bigs Sunflower Seeds

If you enjoy large seeds and big flavor, then you should consider giving Bigs Sunflower Seeds a try! Not only are the seeds huge, but they’re also unique tasting as well. But then again, Bigs collabs with major brands to create one-of-a-kind sunflower seed flavors unknown to mankind.

That’s right; Bigs has partnered up with reputable names such as Hidden Valley Ranch, Vlasic, Stubbs BBQ, Taco Bell, Old Bay, Takis, Little Caesars, and Tapatio Hot Sauce! As a result, Bigs is able to offer some of the boldest, most sought-after seed flavors ever made! In fact, these awesome flavors are so popular that Bigs was able to go global; now that’s BIG!

Currently, Bigs Sunflower Seeds are sold at over 50,000 locations in North America and Europe; including here at Candy Retailer. However, unlike most stores that sell Bigs Seeds, we carry all flavors and ship nationwide! So save time by ordering your supply of Bigs online!

Ad an official retailer of Bigs Sunflower Seeds, we’re pleased to announce that we offer the best prices found anywhere on the internet; plus we guarantee freshness every time! With this in mind, go Big and secure as many bags as you like, and leave the rest to us! All orders usually deliver in 2-3 days!

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