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For most people, cheese and crackers were a childhood staple snack that likely followed you into adulthood. The beloved snack duo has a quick prep time, satiating protein-rich cheese, and the salty crunch of a cracker. Combos snacks further advanced the convenience of cheese and crackers by filling a hollow pretzel shell with cheese. Since then, these tiny snacks have evolved to encompass flavor combinations that are based on other food favorites.

Combos Pretzels debuted in 1980. These bite-sized snacks consisted of a cheddar cheese filling inside a hollowed-out cylindrical pretzel shell. Five years later, the Cheese Crackers flavor entered the snack marketplace. Similar to the pretzels, the cracker version had a cylindrical cracker shell with a cheddar cheese filling. In 1988, the craze over the filled cylindrical snacks heightened with the introduction of the Pepperoni Pizza variety. In 1992, a tangy Mustard Pretzel variety was introduced for pretzel fans who would prefer to avoid cheese.

Today, the satisfying filled snacks are available in even more flavors. For meat lovers, we have the Buffalo Blue Cheese and Cheddar Cheese Bacon flavors. Buffalo Blue Cheese is reminiscent of hot wings from your local sports bar. The Garlic Parmesan is an Italian-inspired spinoff of the classic Cheese Cracker flavor. Similar to the Pepperoni Pizza flavor, Pizzeria has the bold taste of cheese and tomato sauce. Unlike the Pepperoni Pizza variety, Pizzeria is a meatless flavor.

Combos stuffed snacks are available in a variety of flavors to satisfy your salty, crunchy snack cravings. These tiny cylindrical crackers pack an explosive punch of flavor in a smooth, creamy filling. You'll find classic flavors in our selection. We also carry newer varieties that are certain to become your new favorites.

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