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Solely Fruit Jerky

If you love sweet treats but are also diet-conscious, Solely Fruit Jerky gives you the best of both worlds. These organic fruit strips are available in several flavor combinations.

Solely jerky snacks are made from fruit picked at its peak ripeness. Each fruit strip is typically made from one whole fruit. Made with only a few ingredients, these fruit jerky strips have no added sugar, preservatives, or concentrates.

We have pineapple jerky that is bursting with flavor. Each Solely Fruit Jerky strip is made of one-half of a pineapple, which is the sole ingredient. If you like pina colada, you'll want to try the Pineapple Coconut variety. A drizzle of cacao adds a rich, dark chocolatey twist.

Solely mango fruit jerky allows you to have the taste of mango without the task of peeling the fruit. Each fruit strip is made of one whole flavorful mango. For those who like their sweets with a little heat, Mango with Chili and Salt is an irresistible blend. Mango with chili pepper seasoning is a delicacy enjoyed in tropical countries. Solely brings you this delightful flavor combination in the conveniences of an individually-wrapped fruit strip.

The Banana with Cacao variety delivers the sweet, tropical flavor of ripe bananas. Cacao adds depth of flavor and slightly bitter, indulgent chocolate. Each fruit jerky strip includes one whole banana with cacao nibs. This guilt-free treat packs 300 milligrams of potassium and 0% transfats.

Not only will Solely Fruit Jerky strips satisfy your sweet tooth. They also have a satisfying chewy texture you'll enjoy as you savor each flavor. Check out our selection of Solely products, and find your preferred individual fruit or delicious blend.