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Honey Snacks

Honey makes everything better. We carry a variety of snacks, including honey-sweetened beef jerky, sesame sticks, and honey candies. The multidimensional flavor of honey pairs well with savory flavors. Our honey snacks combine the natural sweetness of the thick golden nectar with hearty, savory ingredients.

Glenwood Snacks produces authentic beef jerky with 100% beef smoked with real wood. Glenwood offers two honey-flavored beef jerky varieties. Honey Habanero beef jerky is sweet beef jerky with just the right spicy kick. Honey Pepper is a traditional peppery beef jerky with the rich, sweet flavor of honey. Both varieties are made of lean, chewy beef with a tender, satisfying texture. The high protein content of Glenwood beef jerky varieties means these honey snacks will stave off hunger for hours. Glenwood jerky comes in a resealable bag, which allows you to bring their delicious meat snacks with you on the go.

If the sesame pieces are your favorite ingredient in snack mixes, you can order an entire bag of them. Our honey-roasted mini sesame chips pack the perfect nutty crunch with a salty subtle sweetness. We also have honey-roasted sesame sticks in the more common stick shape. Add sesame sticks to your salad for additional crunch and texture. Sesame chips will make your snack mixes more robust and flavorful. When you crave something salty and sweet, you can simply enjoy honey-roasted sesame chips on their own.

We have honey snacks in a variety of textures and flavor combinations. Whether you like crunchy snacks or chewy snacks with sweet heat, we have a variety for you. Browse our selection, and find the perfect honey-flavored treat for yourself or to serve at your next party.