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Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie Treats are an all-American snack favorite! Now enjoyed by billions worldwide, there’s basically nobody who hasn’t heard of or tried one of these sweet, marshmallowy treats!

However, if you’re one of the few people who never had the opportunity to experience one of the best treats ever made, then we’re here to help change that; then together we can make history! With so many unique and original flavors available, it seems like we’re always adding to our forever-growing selection of snacks, including Rice Krispie Treats!

That’s right; at Candy Retailer, we now carry America’s favorite marshmallow treats in Chocolatey Chip, Double Chocolatey Chunk, Dunkd Chocolatey, Dunk’d Chocolatey Strawberry, Dunk’d Cookies and Cream, Rainbow, and course, Original. Plus, we offer 12-count and 20-pack boxes, all available for nationwide shipping!

All in all, Rice Krispie Treats are a fantastic snack that’s been bringing smiles to faces since 1962. So if you’ve been looking for something new to uplift your mood, then pick up a box today and prepare to turn that frown upside down! Order now and enjoy fast front door delivery!

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