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Slim Jim

Characterized by its standout branding and high-energy commercials, Slim Jim is best known for its meat sticks. In recent years, the brand has expanded to produce several other meat snack products.

We carry the brand's classic "long boi" meat sticks in an extensive selection of flavors. Beef stick purists may opt for the Original flavor. The Original N Cheese snack duo includes an Original beef stick accompanied by a real cheddar cheese stick. Original 'N Jalapeno Cheese kicks the spice factor up a notch with a jalapeno cheese accompaniment.

Monster Sticks are twice the size of classic Slim Jim beef sticks. Each Monster Size stick has 11 grams of protein. We carry them in Original, Teriyaki, Tobasco, Honey BBQ, and Mild. If you are looking to turn up the heat, try Monster Sticks in the Hot AF flavor.

Steakhouse Beef Steak Strips are lean, thick-cut strips of beef. These steak strips are full of flavor and extra tender for a soft, easy chewing experience. We have Steakhouse Strips in Teriyaki and Smokin' Mesquite.

In addition to beef snacks, the company expanded its offering to include pork snacks. A bacon jerky line is available in Hickory Smoked and Maple. Pork rind lovers will want to try their pork rind line. We carry pork rinds in Squealin' Hot and Hog Wild BBQ.

The biggest beef sticks in the Slim Jim lineup are the Savage sticks. Named after brand spokesperson Ric Savage, these snacks are three times the size of the original beef sticks.

Whether you are a longtime Slim Jim fan or looking to try a new brand, we've got you covered. We have meat snacks in a variety of meats, cuts, and flavors.