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Teriyaki Beef Jerky

For meat snack lovers, there is nothing like sinking teeth into soft, chewy, perfectly-flavored beef jerky. If you are looking to venture beyond Original-flavored jerky, Teriyaki beef jerky is a great starting point. Teriyaki is a well-balanced blend of sweet, savory, and salty ingredients. As a marinade, teriyaki is well-suited for those who are looking for bold, exotic flavor without heat.

Teriyaki is a Japanese term that describes meat that has been marinated in teriyaki sauce and grilled or broiled. Today, the term is commonly assigned to any food that bears the flavor of the sauce. There are four components that comprise teriyaki sauce: soy sauce, sake, sugar, and ginger. The result is a sweet, mildly spicy, salty marinade that is the perfect enhancement for beef snacks.

Beef jerky producer Jack Links offers most of their beef jerky snacks lines in their Teriyaki flavor. Jack Link's old-fashioned beef jerky comes in a resealable bag and is of the original beef jerky texture. Jerky Chew Cans are packaged in convenient, pocket-sized, round containers.

The Extra Tender line has soft, fall-apart tender slices of beef. Tender Bites have a soft, thick, nugget-like texture. We also have beef steak bites and steak sticks for those who prefer thicker jerky pieces. In addition to bagged jerky, we carry Jack Link's Teriyaki beef jerky in classic beef sticks and thin beef strips.

Explore our beef jerky selection, and experience bold, adventurous flavor. Whether your preference is old-fashioned beef jerky strips, beef sticks, or steak bites, we have it all. In our selection, you'll find your favorite styles of beef jerky as well as newer jerky products. Our teriyaki beef jerky snacks are a protein-rich pick-me-up during a hiking trip or a long workday.