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Van Holten’s Pickles

The story of Van Holten’s Pickles began in 1898 when Dutch immigrant, Jerry Van Holten, saw his American Dream come true! In the early days, the company was a vinegar-based product distributor; however, in 1939 the Van Holten family produced the first-ever, original Pickle-In-A-Pouch!

Once this brilliant idea came to fruition, the company soon realizes that they had something special on their hands. As time would tell, the individually pouched pickle proved to be more successful with pickle lovers than ever imagined. Not to mention, these pickles are still around today and better than ever!

Now available in several authentic flavors including Hearty Dill (Big Papa)l, Hot & Spicy (Hot Mama), Zesty Garlic (Garlic Joe), Tart & Tangy (Sour Sis), and Salsa Picante, also known as the Tapatio Pickle! So if you love pickles-in-a-pouch then pick up a case of Van Holten’s today and enjoy fast door-to-door shipping!