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Atkinsons Jumbo Mint Sticks 36ct
Atkinsons Jumbo Mint Sticks 36ct
Atkinsons Jumbo Mint Sticks 36ct

Atkinson's Jumbo Mint Sticks are a type of candy made by the Atkinson Candy Company. They are individually wrapped mint sticks that are red and white in color and are jumbo-sized, making them a larger version of the original mint stick candy.

These candies are likely to be enjoyed during the winter months, as mint is a popular flavor for this time of year. Mint is known for its refreshing and invigorating flavor, which can help to clear the palate and freshen the breath.

Mint is also often associated with the winter season, as it is often used in holiday-themed treats and beverages. In addition to Jumbo Mint Sticks, Atkinson's also offers other mint-flavored candies, such as Mint Julep Chews and Mint Mojos.

Atkinsons Jumbo Mint Sticks
Atkinsons Candy
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36ct Box
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