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3 Musketeers

Average Price : $32.29


Average Price : $7.00

Albanese Candy

Average Price : $4.58

Albert's Candy

Average Price : $5.50

Big League Chew

Average Price : $13.97

Bubble King

Average Price : $6.04

Bubble Yum

Average Price : $16.39

Bubblicious Bubble Gum

Average Price : $15.04

Concord Confections

Average Price : $4.88

Doschers Candy

Average Price : $15.18

Dubble Bubble

Average Price : $6.07

Ferrara Candy

Average Price : $13.39


Average Price : $25.09

Hi Chew

Average Price : $16.12

Jelly Belly

Average Price : $19.19


Average Price : $4.89

Mike And Ike Candy

Average Price : $6.89

Nestle Candy

Average Price : $27.99

Papas Candies

Average Price : $31.99

Primrose Candy

Average Price : $4.39


Average Price : $8.39

Sconza Candy

Average Price : $35.79


Average Price : $12.74

Worlds Bubble Gum

Average Price : $25.69

Candy By Brand

Have you been searching high and low for your favorite brand-name candy or sweet treats? If so, have a look through our Candy By Brand section! Here, you'll find all of your favorite types of bubble gum, chocolates, caramels, toffees, confections, and so much more! To make your candy quest easier, everything is conveniently organized by brand or company name.

From well-known brands like Hershey's, Jelly Belly, Nestle, and Ferrara, to lesser-known companies like Concord Confections, Doscher's Candy, Kargher, and Reppert's, we've got it all! So, no matter what candy maker you've been searching for, you can easily find exactly what you're craving right here!

For example, in the Nestle candy brand section, you'll find candy bars like 100 Grand, Baby Ruth, and Butterfinger! Or, check out our many variants of Jelly Belly candies! These include Jelly Belly Candy Corn, Cranberry Sauce flavored Jelly Beans, Smores Jelly Beans, Jelly Belly Autumn Mixes, Champagne Flavored Jelly Belly Beans, Cold Stone Ice Cream Flavored Jelly Beans, Krispy Kreme Doughnut Mixes, and so many more!

Without a doubt, when you shop for your candy by brand here at Candy Retailer, it's easy to find your favorite flavors and confection styles quickly and easily. That way, you can put together delicious candy baskets, prepare for upcoming holidays, or simply stock up on sweet treats for everyday snacking occasions.

Moreover, here at Candy Retailer, we offer brand-name candy sold in bulk! So, you can order large 1 lb bags of your favorite high-quality candies easily. We also sell candy bars by the brand in various quantities including 18-count and 36-count boxes! Since we sell Candy By Brand at close to wholesale prices, you can save yourself money without sacrificing your favorite flavors or makers!

In addition to this, CandyRetailer.Com has transparent real-life customer reviews. So, you can proceed confidently with your name-brand candy purchases! Plus, we have superior customer service and offer fresh brand-name candy with fast direct nationwide shipping. Save yourself some time and money by ordering your favorite name brand candy bars, confections, and sweet treats, right here at Candy Retailer!