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Breath Savers Peppermint 24ct
Breath Savers Peppermint 24ct
Breath Savers Peppermint 24ct

Introducing Breath Savers Peppermint Sugar-Free Mints, now available in a convenient 24ct box here at Candy Retailer. These seriously minty mints are the perfect solution for freshening your breath fast, thanks to their cool and refreshing peppermint flavor. Sugar-free and made by Hershey, these mints keep your breath minty fresh longer, further, and stronger. Keep a few rolls handy in your desk, locker, purse, briefcase, or pockets, and enjoy the sweet-tasting snack that doubles as a powerful breath freshener. Try Breath Savers Peppermint today and experience the beauty of cool, cooler breath!

Breath Savers Peppermint
The Hershey Company
Mint Candy
24 Rolls Per Box
White Candy

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