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Cinnamon Starlights 1lb
Cinnamon Starlights 1lb
Cinnamon Starlights 1lb

Experience the vibrant warmth of Cinnamon Starlights, available by the pound. These candy pieces blend the rich, spicy flavor of cinnamon with a hint of sweetness, creating a delightful taste you know and love. Ideal for those who enjoy a kick of flavor, Cinnamon Starlights serve as the perfect pick-me-up, whether as a midday treat or a flavorful after-dinner mint.

Key Features:

  • Rich in cinnamon flavor, offering an invigorating taste experience.
  • Available by the pound, allowing you to stock up or indulge as desired.
  • Combines sweetness with a hint of spice, making them ideal for varied taste preferences.
  • Perfect as an after-meal refreshment or a flavorful snack throughout the day.

With their bold flavor and timeless appeal, these candies are sure to become a cherished treat for anyone looking to add a sweet and spicy element to their candy collection.

Cinnamon Starlights
1lb Resealable Bag
Red Candy

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