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Concord Candy Blox 1lb
Concord Candy Blox 1lb
Concord Candy Blox 1lb

Concord Candy Blox 1lb

Unleash your creativity with Concord Candy Blox, available by the pound, offering both a fun activity and a tasty treat.

These candy pieces come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to build and eat your creations. Perfect for kids and adults alike, the carton provides a substantial amount to play and indulge. The flavors are as vibrant as their colors, making them a hit at parties or as a unique gift.

Key Features:
  • Edible candy pieces in assorted shapes for building fun
  • 1lb bag, plenty of creative construction and enjoyment
  • Vibrant colors and flavors that appeal to all ages
  • Ideal for parties, gifts, or as a delightful snack activity
  • Made with quality ingredients for a delicious taste experience

Grab your Concord Candy Blox from Candy Retailer today. Fast nationwide shipping ensures your imaginative candy fun begins soon, typically within 2-3 days of ordering.

Concord Candy Blox
Concord Confections
Novelty Candy
Assorted Candy
1lb Resealable Bag
Assorted Candy

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