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Gustafs Allsorts Licorice 6.3oz Bag
Gustafs Allsorts Licorice 6.3oz Bag
Gustafs Allsorts Licorice 6.3oz Bag

Indulge in the diverse world of flavors with Gustafs Allsorts Licorice, presented in a 6.3oz bag. This assortment offers a variety of licorice pieces, combining different shapes, textures, and tastes. It's a perfect choice for licorice lovers looking to explore a wide range of flavors in one convenient package.

Key Features:

  • A varied assortment of licorice pieces satisfying different taste preferences.
  • Contained in a 6.3oz bag, offering a generous amount for enjoyment.
  • Combines both traditional and unique licorice flavors for a comprehensive taste experience.
  • Suitable for sharing, gifting, or enjoying as a personal treat.

Choose Gustafs Allsorts Licorice for a delightful exploration of licorice's rich flavors and textures. Whether enjoyed alone or shared with friends, this assortment guarantees satisfaction for all licorice candy fans.

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Cheryl P on 06/21/2023
Great treat.

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