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Concord Candy Blox 27oz Tub
Concord Candy Blox 27oz Tub
Concord Candy Blox 27oz Tub

Concord Candy Blox offers a unique twist on traditional candy by allowing you to play with your food before you eat it. These candy pieces are shaped like building blocks, making them a tasty treat and a fun, creative activity for all ages.

Perfect for parties, crafting edible creations, or simply enjoying as a sweet snack, Candy Blox comes in a variety of flavors and colors, adding a playful element to any occasion. The resealable tub keeps the candy fresh and makes it easy to store.

Key Features:
  • Edible candy blocks for building and eating
  • 27oz tub for ample supply
  • Variety of flavors and colors for creative fun
  • Resealable tub for freshness and convenience

Discover Concord Candy Blox at Candy Retailer. Experience quick delivery, with most orders arriving within 2-3 days, ensuring immediate enjoyment of your playful and tasty treat.

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