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Hotlix Larvets Snax BBQ 1.4oz
Hotlix Larvets Snax BBQ 1.4oz
Hotlix Larvets Snax BBQ 1.4oz

Embrace the unconventional with Hotlix BBQ Larvets Snax, now in a 1.4oz pack, offering a savory barbecue flavor for the daring palate.

These edible larva snacks are seasoned with a smoky barbecue taste, providing a crunchy and unique snacking experience. This pack is perfect for those looking to explore edible insects or add a novel twist to their snack collection.

Key Features:
  • Seasoned with a savory BBQ flavor for a unique taste
  • 1.4oz pack, ideal for adventurous snackers
  • Crunchy texture and rich in protein for a satisfying bite
  • Great for themed parties, challenges, or as a gourmet snack
  • From Hotlix, pioneers in the edible insect industry

Get your Hotlix BBQ Larvets Snax today from Candy Retailer and venture into the world of edible insect delicacies. As always, we ship nationwide, with most orders arriving in 2-3 days!

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