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Jelly Belly Rose 1.5 oz Bottle
Jelly Belly Rose 1.5 oz Bottle
Jelly Belly Rose 1.5 oz Bottle

Experience a sophisticated twist on jelly beans with Jelly Belly Rosé. This 1.5oz bottle holds shimmering pink jelly beans with a juicy, fruity flavor inspired by rosé wines. It's the perfect way to enjoy a unique flavor profile that people will surely remember.

Key Features:

  • Sparkling pink jelly beans with a rosé-inspired flavor.
  • Presented in a miniature bottle for a charming touch.
  • This 1.5oz bottle is ideal for gift-giving or personal enjoyment.
  • Offers a unique flavor twist on classic jelly beans.

Enjoy the playful sophistication of Jelly Belly Rosé. Order your bottle today and discover a refreshing and distinctive jelly bean experience!

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