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Milk Duds 5oz Box
Milk Duds 5oz Box
Milk Duds 5oz Box

Available in a convenient 5oz box, Milk Duds will always win the hearts of American moviegoers. These beloved caramel candies are coated in smooth milk chocolate, offering the perfect blend of textures and flavors that candy lovers have cherished for generations. Ideal for movie nights, sharing with friends, or indulging in a sweet snack, Milk Duds are a timeless favorite that brings joy with every bite.

Key Features:
  • Package Size: 5oz Box - ample for enjoyment and sharing
  • Deliciously chewy caramel centers coated in rich milk chocolate
  • A classic treat perfect for cinema lovers and candy aficionados
  • Great for snacking, sharing, or as a nostalgic treat
  • Made with quality ingredients for a premium candy experience

Milk Duds offer a piece of cinematic history, a staple for snack lovers, and a delightful indulgence for those who appreciate the classic combination of chocolate caramel. Whether you're enjoying a film, looking for a satisfying snack, or craving something sweet and chewy, Milk Duds deliver unmatched flavor and fun.

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