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Rips Bites Rainbow 4oz Bag
Rips Bites Rainbow 4oz Bag
Rips Bites Rainbow 4oz Bag

Experience a burst of fruity flavor with Rips Bites Rainbow! Now in a 4oz bag for perfect snacking portions.

These bite-sized licorice pieces come in a vibrant mix of colors and flavors, for delightful variety in every handful.

The resealable bag keeps your Rips Bites fresh and makes it easy to enjoy some now and save some for later.

Key Features:
  • Assortment of rainbow-colored, fruit-flavored licorice bites
  • 4oz bag ideal for on-the-go snacking or sharing
  • Peelable licorice strips for a fun, customized experience
  • Perfect for satisfying sweet cravings with a playful twist
  • Made with quality ingredients for delicious flavor

Order your Rips Bites Rainbow today at Candy Retailer and experience a fun and fruity snack! We offer nationwide shipping, with most orders arriving in 2-3 days.

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