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Rito Mints Wintergreen 1 lb
Rito Mints Wintergreen 1 lb
Rito Mints Wintergreen 1 lb

These classic Rito Mints are packed with refreshing wintergreen flavor. Enjoy the soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture in this 1lb resealable bag.

Perfect for freshening your breath in a pinch, these mints are ideal for your car, desk, or anywhere you want a quick, tasty treat.

The nostalgic pink color and timeless flavor create a simple and satisfying experience.

Key Features:
  • Traditional wintergreen flavor that's cool and invigorating
  • 1lb bag offers a generous amount of mints
  • Soft texture dissolves easily for a smooth flavor release
  • Iconic pink color adds a touch of classic charm
  • Made in the USA for a touch of Americana

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