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Smarties Wrapped Double Lollies 120CT
Smarties Wrapped Double Lollies 120CT
Smarties Wrapped Double Lollies 120CT

Smarties Lollipops pack the sweet and delicious flavor of Smarties candy wafers into a classic lollipop. The lollipops are a modern twist on a classic candy and are a fun way to enjoy a treat.

Every sucker features a classic double wafer on the end of a stick and is easy to consume. The lollipops have a tangy flavor and will allow you to indulge your sweet tooth for quite some time!

Each discounted container includes 120 lollipops, giving you enough to share with family and friends throughout the year. There's plenty to go around, which makes them great for parties or better yet, Halloween! You may even be left with a few extra lollipops to eat at a later time.

Best of all, these lollipops don't contain any animal products or common allergens like gluten or dairy. Every Smarties sucker is individually wrapped, making them easy to hand out and distribute. The clear wrapping makes it easy to find your favorite flavors in the jar while reaching for more.

Lastly, these suckers are an all-American, fan-favorite candy enjoyed by most people of all ages! So if you’ve been looking for something sweet, tangy, and long-lasting, then seek no further than our exclusive 120-count tub of Smarties Lollipops, you’ll be glad you did.

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