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Starburst Cotton Candy 3.1oz Bag
Starburst Cotton Candy 3.1oz Bag
$4.89 $2.29
Starburst Cotton Candy 3.1oz Bag

Experience the unique fusion of flavors with Starburst Cotton Candy, presented in a 3.1oz bag.

This innovative treat combines the classic Starburst fruit flavors with the airy sweetness of cotton candy, creating a delightful new snacking experience. Perfect for those who love to explore new taste sensations, the 3.1oz bag is ideal for enjoying on the go, sharing with friends, or indulging in a moment of sweet bliss.

Key Features:
  • Innovative blend of Starburst fruit flavors and cotton candy sweetness
  • 3.1oz bag perfect for snacking, sharing, or on-the-go treats
  • A unique twist on traditional cotton candy for a memorable taste experience
  • Ideal for candy lovers looking for something new and exciting
  • Made with quality ingredients for a satisfying treat

Indulge in the playful and sweet combination of Starburst Cotton Candy from Candy Retailer. Enjoy prompt, nationwide shipping, with most orders arriving within 2-3 days!

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