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Whoppers Mini Eggs Mini 4oz Carton
Whoppers Mini Eggs Mini 4oz Carton
Whoppers Mini Eggs Mini 4oz Carton

Experience the Easter season with Whoppers Mini Eggs, presented in a convenient 4oz carton. These mini malted milk balls, coated in a colorful candy shell, offer a delightful crunch that's synonymous with the Whoppers brand.

Perfect for Easter baskets, egg hunts, or a springtime snack, each carton is filled with bite-sized treats that embody the joy and renewal of the season. Enjoy the classic Whoppers taste in a fun, festive form that's sure to be a hit with family and friends.

Key Features:
  • 4oz carton filled with colorful, mini malted milk eggs
  • Crunchy candy shell with the classic Whoppers malted milk center
  • Ideal for Easter celebrations, baskets, and egg hunts
  • Perfectly sized for snacking and sharing
  • Weight: Contains 4 ounces of malted milk ball goodness

Whoppers Mini Eggs offer a tasty twist on a classic favorite, making them a must-have for the Easter season.

Whether you're indulging in a sweet treat or sharing with loved ones, these mini eggs provide the perfect blend of crunch and malt flavor. Celebrate the season with Whoppers Mini Eggs and add a touch of sweetness to your springtime festivities.

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