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Zotz Candy Powder Fizz Center Assorted 1lb
Zotz Candy Powder Fizz Center Assorted 1lb
Zotz Candy Powder Fizz Center Assorted 1lb

Explore the exciting burst of fizz with Zotz Candy Powder Fizz, now in a 1lb bag.

This unique candy assortment brings a surprising fizz to your taste buds, with a variety of flavors to discover. The colorful packaging is designed to captivate and promise an adventurous snacking experience for all ages.

Key Features:
  • Assorted flavors for a diverse taste adventure
  • 1lb bag filled with candies that surprise with a fizzy center
  • Perfect blend of sweet and tangy, with a fizzy surprise
  • Suitable for parties, gifting, or as a fun snack
  • Made with quality ingredients for a delightful taste experience

Purchase your Zotz Candy Powder Fizz today from Candy Retailer. Enjoy the unexpected fizz and flavor in every piece! Nationwide shipping ensures most orders arrive within 2-3 days.

Zotz Candy Powder Fizz
G.B. Ambrosoli
Hard Candy
Sour Candy
1lb Bag | Assorted Flavors
Assorted Candy

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Amber S on 08/10/2022
My personal walk down memory lane. Nothing like a Zotz!

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