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Grippos BBQ Spice 5.8oz
Grippos BBQ Spice 5.8oz
Grippos BBQ Spice 5.8oz

Spice up your favorite foods with Grippo's BBQ Spice! This 5.8oz container is packed with a bold, smoky barbecue flavor that's perfect for seasoning meats, vegetables, and more.

Add a kick of flavor to chips, popcorn, or anything else you can imagine! It's a must-have for barbecue lovers and anyone who craves a savory taste sensation.

Key Features:

  • Bold, smoky barbecue flavor
  • 5.8oz container for plenty of servings
  • Adds savory flavor to meat, vegetables, and snacks
  • A favorite among barbecue enthusiasts

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Grippo Foods, Inc.
5.8oz Bottle

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