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Grippos BBQ Potato Chips X HOT 1.5lb Box
Grippos BBQ Potato Chips X HOT 1.5lb Box
Grippos BBQ Potato Chips X HOT 1.5lb Box

Grippos X Hot BBQ potato chips are the perfect snack for those craving a high-quality crunch with just the right amount of heat. Whether you want chips that go above and beyond or are simply in the mood for a touch of mouth-watering spiced Midwestern flavor, there's nothing plain about these delightful Grippos chips!

For a little extra spice, these tangy potato chips offer snackers the ideal combination of BBQ heat and salty sweetness. As such, they’re sure to make your taste buds tingle! With a perfect balance of crispy goodness and a spicy savory flavor, these chips are like no other!

Add Grippos X Hot BBQ potato chips to your lunches, eat them at the family barbecue, or enjoy them whenever you crave a touch of BBQ heat. Regardless of when you choose to dig in, you can always rest easy knowing that you’re crunching on quality. In fact, the entire Grippos snack food line is known for having high-quality ingredients and unforgettable seasoning flavors!

Since 1919, Grippos has been making some of the most delicious snack foods around! Order Grippos X Hot BBQ potato chips today and taste the hometown quality for yourself, we guarantee you’ll be impressed.

Grippo Foods, Inc.
1.5lb Bulk Box

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