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Face Twisters Sour Candy Dough 12ct Box
Face Twisters Sour Candy Dough 12ct Box
$16.69 $11.99
Face Twisters Sour Candy Dough 12ct Box

Get ready to pucker up with Face Twisters Sour Candy Dough, now available in a 12ct box.

This innovative candy offers a unique, interactive experience, allowing you to mold, shape, and create your own sour candy creations before diving into a deliciously tangy treat.

Each box comes packed with a variety of flavors, ensuring a sour surprise with every twist and turn.

Perfect for kids and adults alike who love to play with their food and enjoy a mouth-watering sour kick.

Whether you're throwing a party, looking for a fun snack, or just want to challenge your taste buds, Face Twisters Sour Candy Dough is sure to deliver an unforgettable sour sensation.

Key Features:
  • 12ct box of Face Twisters Sour Candy Dough for creative fun
  • Interactive candy that can be molded and shaped
  • A variety of tangy flavors for endless sour possibilities
  • Ideal for parties, gatherings, or as a unique treat for sour candy lovers
  • A playful and delicious way to enjoy a sour snack

Challenge your creativity and your taste buds as you craft your own sour masterpieces. Perfect for anyone who enjoys a tactile snacking adventure with a serious sour punch. Unleash your inner artist with Face Twisters, and let the sour fun begin!

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