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Broccoli Chips 1lb
Broccoli Chips 1lb
Broccoli Chips 1lb

Broccoli Chips

The USDA recommends adults consume two to three cups of vegetables each day. Living a busy lifestyle can make it seem impossible to get all the nutrition you need. If you are struggling to get your recommended intake of green vegetables daily, try our broccoli chips.

Broccoli is packed with nutrients and bioactive compounds that support the body in many ways. Don't like oranges? You can consume 84% of their daily recommended Vitamin C consumption in one cup of broccoli. High levels of glucoraphanin may reduce cholesterol and blood sugar, and inhibit chronic disease. Lutein and zeaxanthin support eye health and protect against macular degeneration and cataracts.

Several compounds found in broccoli reduce inflammation. Eating broccoli reduces inflammation in cigarette smokers.

Broccoli has antioxidants and fiber that are believed to help control blood sugar. Fiber slows the digestion of sugar and carbs, thereby preventing an insulin spike. Therefore, broccoli chips are a safe snack for diabetics. Fiber also supports gut health by feeding beneficial bacteria.

Kaempferol, a bioactive compound in broccoli may protect the brain against damage from strokes. Sulforaphane may support brain function after the brain has received a reduced supply of oxygen. Sulforaphane is also believed to slow the aging process by limiting oxidative stress.

Broccoli is also rich in calcium. Therefore, the tree-like green vegetable supports bone health and can help prevent periodontal disease.

The reasons to add broccoli to your diet are numerous. Our broccoli chips are the perfect crispy, salty snack for your cravings in between meals. Enjoy our broccoli snacks on their own, or mix them with your favorite dried vegetables.

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