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Okra Chips 1lb
Okra Chips 1lb
Okra Chips 1lb

Okra Chips

Many are averse to okra due to the healthy green vegetable's texture when boiled. Okra chips allow you to enjoy the rich, earthy flavor of okra in a dry, crispy texture.

If you are unfamiliar with okra, the nutritious "vegetable" is a seed pod that comes from a flowering plant. The okra plant is native to tropical climates in Africa and South Asia. Many are surprised to learn that okra is technically classified as a fruit.

Okra's nutrient profile is beyond impressive. One serving delivers 26 percent of the recommended daily value of Vitamins C and K. Packed with magnesium and Vitamins B6 and A, one serving supplies 14 percent of the recommended daily intake of each.

Most of the okra's antioxidant content consists of polyphenols. These particular antioxidants lower the risk of developing blood clots and oxidative damage. Because polyphenols are able to enter the brain, they may protect against inflammation and symptoms of aging. Polyphenols may also improve learning, memory, and cognition.

A protein called lectin gives okra properties that inhibit cancer. Studies suggest the lectin content in okra may prevent the growth of breast cancer cells.

Eating okra in any form may also help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Studies show okra consumption decreases sugar absorption in the digestive tract.

The high folate content in okra benefits pregnant women. Folate consumption lowers the risk of neural tube defects in unborn babies. Therefore, when pregnant women consume okra, they are supporting their child's brain and spinal development.

There are many compelling reasons to include okra in your diet. Our okra chips make a delicious addition and are easy to consume right out of the bag.

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