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Corn Nuts Chili Picante 4oz Bag
Corn Nuts Chili Picante 4oz Bag
$2.49 $1.09
Corn Nuts Chili Picante 4oz Bag

Spice up your snack time with Corn Nuts Chili Picante, now in a portable 4oz bag. This snack offers a bold chili flavor that's sure to satisfy your taste for heat.

Each crunchy kernel is seasoned with a blend of picante spices, delivering a fiery kick with every bite. Ideal for those who appreciate a spicy snack, these Corn Nuts make a great on-the-go treat or a flavorful addition to any party mix.

Key Features:
  • Bold chili picante flavor for a spicy snack experience
  • 4oz bag is perfect for on-the-go snacking or sharing
  • Crunchy texture that Corn Nuts are famous for
  • Seasoned with a spicy blend of picante spices
  • Made from real corn kernels for authentic taste

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